The result is that the force expended is small, but the strategic result great. There are many advantages, more than would ever appear to anyone who hasn't made a careful study of spatial tactics, but it is apparent to anyone, for instance, that I can base an attack from any point in an inclosing sphere, and that when I am finished it will be impossible for the Foundation to attack at flank or rear. I shall have no flank or rear with respect to them. “This strategy of the Previous Enclosure has been tried before, notably in the campaigns of Loris VI, some two thousand years ago, but always imperfectly; always with the knowledge and attempted interference of the enemy. “The ideal textbook case?” Barr's voice was languid and indifferent.
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03. stycznia 2010 23:08:00

Por ver cuan poco tiempo habia para hacer la experiencia. no quiso decirle otra cosa sino que le agradecia el haberle descubierto tan gran secreto. Salieron del aposento. cerro la puerta don Antonio con llave. y fueronse a la sala.
Ni bajaba de los quince ni pasaba de los diez y ocho. Vista fue esta que admiro a Sancho. suspendio a don Quijote. hizo parar al sol en su carrera para verlas. y tuvo en maravilloso silencio a todos cuatro.

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